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Here's What Breastfeeding and Breastpumping Moms Have to Say About Pump Strap®

"I loved breastfeeding my baby but hated pumping! This pump strap came in so handy, literally. My hands where free to browse on my phone, do my nails and things that didn't require getting up much. You might think it's no big deal but with a newborn, time is everything! I had an extra 15 minutes every time I pumped so it adds up! My pump parts fit well in the pump strap and material is soft on the skin. I love how you can adjust the fit with the Velcro and you don't have to buy different sizes throughout your pregnancy as you lose body fat. I would highly recommend this to moms who need that extra time throughout their day." ~ M.G., May 11, 2017, Amazon

"I've never written an Amazon review before, but as a first time mother I am SO appreciative of products that make things easy and help me quickly get things done, so here we go with my first review (by way of my husband's account). Got this out of the package, didn't need directions to immediately use it! No sizing issues. No silly bells and whistles. Just a velcro strap with slits for breast shields and another strap to put around your neck. I use this just to hang the strap from my neck while i put the strap on, though I guess if I had larger breasts it'd be good extra support too. I love this thing! Want something easy and effective to allow for hands free pumping? This is what you're looking for." ~ Althox, April 17, 2017, Amazon

"This is a great product! I work from home and the pump strap allows me to get work done on the computer whIle pumping. I am a 40D and it's extremely supportive. I don't have to disrobe, it's easy to put on and take off, and its machine washable. I highly recommend." ~ Sue I., February 4, 2016, Amazon